Morning in Venice 5

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Part of my Morning in Venice series, portraying the early morning quiet of still water and great reflections. The distressed buildings provide a tableau of color and distortion.

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Faith Earl

November 10, 2021

Behind the brick-bare walls and dark windows, somebody froths the milk for their morning espresso; somebody spreads fig jam on a buttered croissant. The air is still and cool, smelling of the pavement still slick with yesterday’s rain, but today, there is sun. Today, the thin clouds promise to make way for the brilliant blue sky by early afternoon. The canoe bobs like a duck with the canal’s small waves. Beyond this tiny space between these old buildings: an entire world. This is what the artist has done in Morning in Venice: not only captured a moment, but captured a feeling-- captured the possibility each morning swells with. In the stillness, the promise of sun and warmth, fettuccine and wine. In the paint, the promise that we can still know the beauty of a moment, and that some of us have the ability to create this moment in color so that it may be lived, and lived, and lived.

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Steven Fleit
Steven Fleit Creator

December 02, 2021

Ms. Earl,

Thank you very much for that beautiful, dream like interpretation of my painting. I have felt the same way. There is an inherent beauty to all of the distressed facades of a place like Venice. One could easily get the impression that behind the walls lies broken down looking living spaces. But, as you probably know, that is not the case. The rooms can be state of the art modern and as you described, people do live there, and live well. Thanks again, Steve Fleit

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Steven Fleit
Photorealist, Figurative
Painting - Unframed
24.00 inches wide
36.00 inches tall
0.75 inches deep
6.00 lbs
Rowley, MA, US