Pathway to Salomon Bay

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This painting was inspired by one of my favorite vacation spots - the Virgin Islands. This particular island is St. John. It is a fairly long walk to get to Salomon Bay beach and the only way to get there is to walk or go by boat (you could possibly swim around the rocks from another beach). It is very private and used to be a nude beach. It is often deserted so it's a good spot to relax under the palm trees (unfortunately, the palms and a lot of sand were washed away during Hurricanes Irma and Maria, but the sand was coming back and there were baby palms sprouting up the last time I was there).

It is an acrylic painting finished with a satin varnish. This is a one of a kind artwork. I always sign my work on the back and usually on the front as well. You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your piece of art.


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Joy Parks Coats
Figurative, Nature
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
18.00 inches wide
24.00 inches tall
0.80 inches deep
2.00 lbs
Wilmington, NC, US