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This is an abstract painting composed of color brush strokes.

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November 10, 2021

This gestural piece is magnificent. I immediately noticed how you chose to create a juxtaposition of both analogous and complimentary colors. This artwork is especially pleasing to my artist eye due to the fact that there is a sense of symmetry and balance in conjunction with asymmetry. The conflicting elements in this piece work well together as they birth a feeling of play and juvenescence. It’s as if one swatch simply cannot exist without the other. This melting pot of color and shape creates a sense of togetherness within its conflicting characteristics. The charm of this pierce is that it is an attention grabber and carries the potential of a centerpiece. Due to the range of elements, this piece can coexist beside any artwork simply because it exemplifies its own personality and for that reason cannot contrast to what’s around it. The hints of vibrant color, transposed with more neutral hues, along with the negative space, develops a sense of depth within the piece where each brush stroke has its own voice. Utilizing the technique of squinting at a piece to uncover hidden images, I notice how this piece comes together to tell a story in a series of ways and changes every time as my eyes travel and fixate on different curvatures and gradients. There is an innate sense of harmony established in this piece as it all connects. I time that the more time I allow for the piece to speak to me rather than me interpreting it, the more I fathom the range of its multidimensionality. This abstraction speaks volumes, signifying the fact that art doesn’t need interpretation even if we naturally choose to; it shows that the absence or the presence of external interpretation makes no difference in the validity or value of the piece because it will still just exist in its beauty uninhibited. This abstract artwork is a conversation starter for the sole purpose that there are a plethora of traits incorporated into it that different people can relate to. What is interesting about this is how the perspective I have on the piece as a viewer may be subject to change depending on my own lens, mindset, or how I am feeling. Ones current disposition can have an overwhelming influence on how they process and comprehend art and information. With this abstraction, it is abundantly clear that this piece would produce a range of differing feedback based off what people feel, see, or think of while interacting with this art. Another intriguing aspect is that it can speak to anyone regardless of their intellectual or art savvy bandwidth. With realism, it’s practically objective for one to pass judgment in whether or not it resembles reality. However with abstract work, it is clearly leaning heavily into the the subjective category. It is clear that this piece can be intellectualized or simply enjoyed. One with limited art capabilities may relate to this and admire it, or perhaps condemn it because they do not understand the artistic principles incorporated in the work, and project their inner beliefs onto the artwork. One may also comprehend the piece in an overwhelmingly high scale fashion due to the fact that they are able to discern the principles utilized in the process. Both perspectives withhold validity in their own right. In fact, that is a positive representation in terms of feedback. Aside from art being meant to simply exist, art is also meant to create a conversation, even at times disrupt the peace. This piece is able to produce stark contrasts in interpretation, therefore creating a compelling dialogue both internally and externally as a byproduct. When the art makes the viewer think, it has done its job.

This is a stellar exemplification of how versatility in a piece makes it so compelling. The range this artwork has is also so abundant that it is well suited beyond the canvas, as it would appear to work well as a print on clothing, a framed piece, a print on a mug, a mural, or even a backdrop. There is so much personality found within this work of art that it is very adaptable in that sense. This piece also aligns with the likes of all ages, essentially meaning that a 7 year old or a 70 year old could find this art likable or riveting. This is an exceptional utilization of color theory, design principles, and creativity. As viewer I would always discover new stories hidden within this piece and new perspectives of how I feel and what thoughts are evoked while looking at it. I also find it so interesting that if this were to be a center piece, one would always be able to play with the surrounding decor because there are a range of shapes and colors that would be complimentary to this!

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fong Fai
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
30.00 inches wide
40.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
6.00 lbs
San Francisco, CA, US