She Was Pierced for Her Transgressions

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This piece is one from my first year of painting, so it is a "thick" piece. I used a furniture grade shelving then when I got started, and sanded and gessoed the surface. It's basically 3/4" plywood with a real oak finish. Fairly pricy stuff to cut up and use for paintings (although I garnered mine for next to free). Much heavier than what I use now however.

This piece is 15x17x1 in. Solid wood, and solid wood oak frame. The back has pocket-holes for hanging, and will hang absolutely flat on your wall.

The subject? Well, portraits are the most fascinating to me, the human face. But there is something about the nature of our cosmetic world that brought me to give the genre a "backfire", a bit of a critical look and hopefully effective. I'll let you decide how you'd like to interpret this. But I will say that since I posted a photo of it on the free site called Pixabay, it's been utilized extensively on the web, with over 1000 downloads and 600 postings found on Google primarily on acupuncture and beauty sites, as well as sites about Heavy Metal music...yeah, sure, I can see that.

But you, however, can own the only original. I never paint repeat works or copies.


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Steven Curtis
Figurative, Provocative
Painting - Framed
Oil, Canvas
17.00 inches wide
15.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
3.50 lbs
Randolph, WI, US