Bottom of the Ocean. 24 x 28 x .75"

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24 x 28 x .75" Oil and Oil Pastel on Linen. Framed in 2" floating white.

This is one in my series of emotionally charged coastal abstract artworks. I used saturated vibrant colors and powerful brush strokes, as I do in all my paintings, in order to create a lasting visual impression. 

Art buyers (and art lovers) will see influences to prominent 19th Century Artists such as Pissarro and Klimt. Additionally, I am inspired by the motion of prominent 20th century abstract Tachisme artists such as Jean-Paul Riopelle, Wols, Jean Dubuffet, Pierre Soulages. I love the works of Dutch Modernist painters Leo Gestel, Jan Altink and Jan Toorop. On to more a contemporary artist influence, such as Chuck Close. I offer homage to their artistic vision through my own art. 

Professional acrylic paints and canvas. Finished with a glaze of UV varnish to protect against sunlight and dust damage.

My art pieces are held in private and commercial collections around the world, including the UK, France, Canada, Germany, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Australia and USA.

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Margaret Juul
Abstract, Nature
Painting - Framed
Oil, Pastels
28.00 inches wide
24.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
20.00 lbs
Tampa, FL, US