Eva Angelica Marie

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My first triptych, a real triumph for me, as the framing itself was a challenge. This is a 3-panel work, being a triptych of course, but 3 separate paintings in reality, clamped together during the painting process itself, and then separated by 1/2" wood columns, and surrounded overall by a solid Aspen frame, painted.
The image of the girl inspired the entire concept. I must have looked at her image 200 times in my pictures folder prior to really fleshing out the concept. She is Eva (Eve), the first woman, she is Angelic, and she is Mary, mother of God, but represented here as a girl too young to yet conceive, so this is as innocent an image of purity as I believe I could find to represent that state of being. She holds an olive branch.
The background furthest from us is apocalyptic, and the middle ground is her state of being, both inner, and outer, her future, and her present. The layers are also 3 separate styles, the background impressionist, the middle illustrative, and the forefront of Eva, separated by an aura and halo, is realism.

This is a very large piece, 52x32x2 in. It is meant to dominate it's environment, made entirely of Wood, Gesso, and Oil Paint, in the traditional manner (except for the absence of hinges). So far, I'd say this piece is a crowning achievement for my work over the last 9 years. Looking forward to yet more.


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Steven Curtis
Painting - Framed
Oil, Canvas
52.00 inches wide
32.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
19.00 lbs
Randolph, WI, US