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Lounge Act

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Fan - 4 Expert - 24

Oil on canvas, 36 x 48 inches, unframed.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

June 29, 2022

Told in beautiful figurative applications of oil, Natalie Pivoney’s Lounge Act is a deeply personal yet relatable picture. The interior spaces we inhabit are often where our innermost thoughts and feelings bubble to the surface. Once we solitarily settle down into our couches, we leave the chaos of the exterior world and retreat into the chaos of our consciousness (I’m sure many people have well-ordered minds, but as someone with a wildly hectic one, I cannot speak to their experience). The dichotomy between exterior and interior spaces reflects that of our own minds and how we present ourselves to the world. It is hard to decipher what iteration of ourselves is the truest to our nature, so we ponder our many faces over a glass of red wine in the comfort of a love seat.

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Natalie Pivoney
Realism, Still Life
Painting - Unframed
Oil, Canvas
48.00 inches wide
36.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
3.00 lbs
Elgin, IL, US