Where The Cycle Of Life Ends

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This work ponders on the problems of water crisis and thirst in the world. It's "100% trash" made of 110 plastic bottles glued on the canvas. It describes the cycle of water, meaning the cycle of life, that starts in the abundance and ends up where this primary need is denied. While reflecting on the concept of things' lifespan, waste, and inequality, this piece puts in comparison wealth vs poverty, privilege vs exploitation, luxury vs indigence, consumerism vs famine. There is a dark side behind the clarity of the water we drink. Behind a bunch of emptied water bottles, there is a darkened kid. His image reveals the two sides of the same identity: the black, physical one, and the white, spiritual one. Both of them ask for us to reconsider the idea we have about human rights.


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Paola Bidinelli
Historical and Political
Mixed Media - Unframed
Charcoal, Hard Plastic, Rubber, Canvas, Synthetic Fabric
30.00 inches wide
30.00 inches tall
5.00 inches deep
20.00 lbs
Orem, UT, US