Honey Jar

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A formal, detailed still-life, realism, a very tall piece. 17.3 x 42 x 2 inches. Worked into a composition from a photo, as most of my work is in the realism category. It's a warm and welcoming composition that makes a great dining room or restaurant piece. Currently in our own dining room. My specially-made wood panels are deep and hang directly on the wall with no space or lag due to wires. Easy to mount in any space. This one is walnut, and it weighs just over 1 lb. Light. Less than the weight of a beehive segment.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

May 02, 2022

Radiating a pronounced tonal warmth, Steven Curtis’s Honey Jar is a deceptively figurative and metaphorically rich painting. The work is reminiscent of what draws me to film photographs over their digital counterparts and incandescent light over L.E.D.: the generosity and warmth of color. Honey Jar is like a candle. It rejects austerity with natural and sumptuous oranges and reds that act on the eyes like a magnet to metal. The softness and depth of the oil paint are so acute that its optical power transcends reality to the degree that my experience of the picture is more akin to the way my mind processes abstraction than figuration. Part of this is undoubtedly the result of the beautifully mixed and enigmatically abstract background, but also the surrealist appearance of the honey spoon suspended above the jar (obviously implying a human presence while simultaneously removing the composition from the limiting scope of quotidian action). I’m not sure what I like more: the beauty and opulence of the work’s forms and color or the mental gymnastics spurred by the dichotomy of abstraction and figuration.

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Steven Curtis
Still Life, Realism
Painting - Framed
Oil, Wood Panel, Canvas
17.30 inches wide
42.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
1.50 lbs
Randolph, WI, US