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Mixed media painting inspired by spring foals.

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Josh K.
Josh K. Critic

May 07, 2022

A kaleidoscope of effect, color and texture, that is what defines Whytnie’s piece titled Legacy. There is quite frankly a lot going on here, which is good! Let’s talk more about this “effect” as I am dubbing it. If you look at the piece head on you have what would appear to be a normal picture of a horse, but that is dwarfed by a lighter image of the same horse, simply blown up. What is so interesting is how she integrated the smaller horse into the larger one. There is a geometric perfection that can be seen from the jawline of the larger horse that leads directly into head formation of the smaller one. Yet, perfectly blended into this “effect” is her brilliant ability to bring out the texture of both horses. You can clearly see the smaller one is more bold and darker in its appearance, while the larger one holds a softer more monotone appearance. This is where we see the clever use of color. Notice how the larger horse has more of a pastel and dull pallet, while the smaller one is more defined and has greater definition. If you look at the background this is carried through. In the lower left quadrant you see some brighter more defined colors. As you move up and to the right of the canvas the background becomes less intense, more dull and ultimately less colorful. I love the kaleidoscope effect this piece embodies - well done! 

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Nature, Animals
Mixed Media - Unframed
Other, Acrylic, Canvas, Wood Panel
28.00 inches wide
38.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
10.00 lbs
Tulsa , OK, US