Hands Up!

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This piece is a 26 x 34 x 4 inches mixed media on canvas. It belongs to a series of sculptural paintings called "Behind the Scenes, The Unsung Heroes". It utilizes objects that protrude from the edges of the canvas, the reason why the image includes part of the background surface.

Taking inspiration from discarded materials, this piece restates my affection and deep interest in all those things that are thrown away after being used.

"Hands Up!" presents a population of dirty gloves used in my studio. These gloves made a hard job while protecting my hands during work, and instead of being discarded, I celebrate them as the "unsung heroes" committed behind the scenes of my creativity. Each one of them has stories to tell.

The work's title addresses an emotional condition quite recurring in our struggling societies. Very often people feel overwhelmed by confusing information to the point to get discouraged and giving up. During this last year and a half, I took an opportunity to ponder on our current times, and to launch an invitation to stay vigilant and to firmly keep forward despite any uncertainty.


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Paola Bidinelli
Semi-abstract, Historical and Political
Mixed Media - Unframed
Soft Plastic, Acrylic, Canvas
34.00 inches wide
26.00 inches tall
4.00 inches deep
9.10 lbs
Orem, UT, US