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This painting is hope for post-pandemic to all of us. Long times when no one could be free... The days when we had to be trapped in a series of fears, worries, and surprises. A pandemic that taught us to be grateful just to breathe and be alive. What did we gain from the time spent crouching? Even in silence... the laws of nature are always obeyed, and in it, we meet a new day. After a long winter, like a bud sprouting, our souls also take a fight toward hope. Now, it's time to shake up everyone and stand up. We bless our daily life that has become harder as much as the size of pain, and we sing a song of gratitude, promising a life moving forward.

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Deborah Kostianovsky

November 11, 2021

Why am I both unnerved and soothed by this painting? At first glance, the meaning seems obtuse. There are wispy white lines against patches of aquamarine, blue, white, with pops of pink. Those blue-green colors reflect the natural world and add heft to the wispy lines. There are heavier brown and black brushstrokes that suggest a bare tree and plants. The work seems to show natural elements struggling against the force of the wind. It’s a nasty place. Yet the title, Soar, conveys a ride on a light breeze, not a tree-bending storm. Lee states that it’s about post-pandemic hope. The message might be that we’re in transition, between fear and relief. We’re in that metaphorical liminal space on the cusp of Springtime. Cold winds are blowing, but there are pink blossoms and blue skies. And therein lies the power of this painting. It reveals our contradictory emotions using a only a few brushstrokes.


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kyungsoo lee
Abstract, Nature
Painting - Unframed
36.00 inches wide
48.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
8.00 lbs
Murrieta, CA, US