Blue Rig

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Work inspired by JMS Turner. Abstract seascape. an elusive glimpse through a portal to another dimension. With the suggestion of information, just out of reach, like a partly forgotten dream, a fading memory, or an inaccessible truth.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

March 10, 2022

Cryptic yet familiar, Bruce Dean’s "Blue Rig" has a mysterious and other-worldly allure that maintains a connection with the figurative through the inflection of soft natural colors. As Dean aptly states, the work is an "abstract seascape”; it realizes its maritime appearance by semi-translucent washes of oil that transition into more thickly painted sections. The fluid oscillation of paint density creates an illusion of movement suggestive of roiling ocean waves. Furthermore, the ocean is among the most tonally complex natural phenomena. Like stones, the sea is a comingling of different colors that can somehow be noticed but not distinguished. The constant blending of blues, greens, ghostly reflections of moonlight, and dancing golden reflections of sunlight become one. Still, indistinguishable instances of individual colors jump out at us like partial memories with forgotten origins. "Blue Ring" captures all these ineffable aquatic properties in its inscrutable layers.

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Bruce Dean
Bruce Dean Creator

March 13, 2022

Thank you, John. When painting abstractions, I thoroughly enjoy the application of paint that you, so eloquently described. In essence, it becomes an essential element in the narrative. When painting "figurative - realistic" work, I lose some of the freedom of mark making. The narrative becomes "limited" to the image choices. I'm still struggling with finding ways to meld the two.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

March 16, 2022

It's really a fascinating work. I keep coming back to it. There is so much mystery to the palette.

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Bruce Dean
Abstraction, Marine
Painting - Unframed
Oil, Canvas
48.00 inches wide
36.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
12.00 lbs
Los Angeles, CA, US