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Rebirth and Reclaim

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This piece was created at a time in my life when I learning how to heal myself from deep wounds and reclaim my power in my own body, mind and spirit in order to move forward without weight. In 2017, I worked on it every day, all day for over a month. I snuck down to the basement at my parent's to add more layers in acrylic. I didn't quite know how I was going to fill the inside, but when the idea sparked it drove the piece to completion.

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Corinne Anderson

March 15, 2022

"Rebirth and Reclaim" is an empowering piece that speaks especially to my feminine side. Although I do believe that men or those who identify as male can still relate to this work of art, I selfishly want to focus on its value to women.

The dark background and nakedness of the subject hint at a past trauma, something that made her feel alone or isolated or broken down. She rips apart her chest, the veins and tendons in her hands rippling with a previously unknown strength. And just when she thinks she cannot take any more, a few green leaves unfurl from within, followed by the bud of a flower, followed by a whole garden of beauty.

This is the transformation that I hope every woman feels once they reclaim their power in a world that constantly seeks to restrain her from doing that.

My one critique that is important to discuss? The breasts. Unless the goal is to make them look fake, there needs to be some adjusting to their rigidity and overall shape to match the realism portrayed throughout the rest of the artwork.

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Victoria Robustello
Figurative, Realism
Painting - Unframed
Acrylic, Canvas
26.00 inches wide
34.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
7.00 lbs
Hopewell Junction, NY, US