Morning Reflections

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An original floral oil painting of a waterlilies, flowers and pond reflections. "Morning Reflections", is a fresh, fun and expressive interpretation of a tranquil garden pond scene. I love how the rugged colorful layers of palette knife strokes convey a softness in this scene. It comes ready to hang, the sides are white. 
I painted this with a palette knife. When you look at the painting close up, you see multiple layers of paint making it look completely abstract. When you step back a few feet, it looks like a beautiful landscape of a lily pond garden with reflections and flowers.  
Ponds have a quiet solitude that I love, I try to fill my paintings with feelings of tranquility and peacefulness. I also try to make it so that the viewer feels as if they are standing at the edge of the pond, gazing across the water to the distant edge.  
The colors are gorgeous in this work, it would make a lovely addition to any room.
I use only the very best professional artist grade oil paints and canvas so you can enjoy your painting for a lifetime. This painting comes with a certificate of authenticity.
I take great care in packaging and shipping my artwork. I always use tracking numbers and send them to the collector upon shipment.


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Kristen Olson Stone
Impressionism, Nature
Painting - Unframed
40.00 inches wide
30.00 inches tall
1.50 inches deep
11.00 lbs
Palm Desert, CA, US