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As a life-long New Yorker, Marilyn Henrion's vision has always been deeply rooted in the urban geometry of her surroundings.  Her works focus  on architecture and other man-made structures, testifying to  man’s eternal yearning for immortality in the creations he leaves on the landscape. She is particularly interested in the co-existence of past and present. Built during different periods in the history of Manhattan, we can delight in seeing them simultaneously, often side by side  Both above and below ground, these rich visual treats abound as she makes her way through her neighborhood streets of Soho, lower Manhattan and beyond that celebrate the architectural history of the island. Henrion offers new perspectives on iconic historic landmarks as well as highlighting the beauty of the most humble and overlooked details of subway stairs, doorways, and more. The hand quilting that animates the surface of the works reinforces the presence of the human hand on the landscape….we are here for a moment, while the landscape remains. 

The works are constructed from the artist’s photographs which are digitally manipulated in the computer before printing on fabric, then hand quilted and gallery-wrapped on stretched canvas. Ready to hang.

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October 22, 2021

This medium is so unique. I really love how the quilting patterns and textures interplay with the unmistakable iconography of New York City.

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Marilyn Henrion
Marilyn Henrion Creator

October 22, 2021

Thank you…your appreciation is much appreciated!

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Marilyn Henrion
Everyday Life, Figurative
Mixed Media - Unframed
Fabric, Natural Fabric
20.00 inches wide
30.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
4.00 lbs
New York, NY, US