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Lighthouse - my version of a J. Charles

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So the relatives wanted specifically a Lighthouse painting. Ok, so I look for pics online, as usual, but they get a bit ahead of me and send me a picture of a lighthouse that is already a painting by someone else! By a very good painter named J. Charles.

They love that one. So...I say Ok, I will just reproduce that one.. So I do that. And honestly? I think mine is just as good.'s NOT for sale, as it's a reproduction of another artist's work, so if you want one of these, you'll have to go to HIS website, which is listed as:

Yep, this is just here for show. So I should ask you think I should create some more landscapes of my own? I get this feeling I should, but I sure like what I'm doing right now. You tell me. What landscape would you like to have done, if I did one? If you send me a picture of one you'd like I'll consider it and hope you commission me to do it.


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Steven Curtis
Landscape, Realism
Painting - Framed
Oil, Canvas
32.00 inches wide
18.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
1.00 lbs
Randolph, WI, US