Edie Sedgwick

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On her twenty-first birthday in April 1964, Sedgwick received an $80,000 trust fund from her maternal grandmother. Soon after, she relocated to New York City to pursue a career in modeling. In March 1965, she met artist Andy Warhol at a party and began frequently visiting The Factory. At the Factory, Sedgwick reinvented herself, becoming a performance artist and Warhol's film muse. Together, Edie and Andy created 18 films.

Beautiful, rich, and deeply damaged, Edie Sedgwick was the avatar of Andy Warhol’s desires. In 1965, as Pop art’s prince moved from painting into film, he made Sedgwick his superstar—his Marilyn.

I've always been greatly influenced and inspired by Warhol. "Andy Warhol" is the first in a series of six portraits of Warhol's Factory Superstars. I begin by making several drawings of each subject based on various historical references. These drawings are torn and cut apart into pieces so that I can "audition" them until they make a portrait of the subject.


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Gregory Malphurs
Pop culture, Portrait
Painting - Framed
Oil, Colored Pencil, Pastels, Canvas
11.00 inches wide
14.00 inches tall
1.00 inches deep
8.00 lbs
Santa Monica, CA, US