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I painted this painting as an invitation to connect. I invite the viewer to come with me in search of the sublime. In my work I am always seeking a path to the infinite, to the mythic, to the universal. This piece is large so as to fill one's field of vision both externally and internally. This is an invitation for reflection and a respite from our frenetic world.

Sooo hard to photograph. Sooo hard to steer. This one almost pulled me under but it let me go on the grounds that I stop expecting it to be otherwise and just accept it as it is. Yep, another self portrait. “Ogni Pittore Dipinge Se”, or "Every painter paints himself", is a Tuscan proverb first documented in the 15th century. Been quoted in art criticism ever since.

This painting ships off stretcher, rolled in a heavy duty cardboard tube. It is easily restretched by the collector's frame shop of choice.

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John Crowther
John Crowther Critic

January 17, 2022

Delicate and mysterious, Susan Wolfe Huppman’s "Mirror" is a large-scale masterful abstract painting that inescapably enhances any environment it is placed in. The soft, calming colors of the bottom half become increasingly dark and enigmatic as they make their way up the canvas. The pigments are so expertly mixed that one is hard-pressed to identify a single color. At most, we are left with shades whose color is as impenetrable as the canvas on which they are painted. These ephemeral clouds evoke, suggest, and entice but do not declare. Where they begin or end is as much of a mystery as what lies beyond them. This curious, inexplicable composition is a mirror not to ourselves or the world but what lies in-between the two. It is the ineffable ether unseen, unfelt, but imagined. We find in it everything that does not meet the eye; things that have no word or visual manifestation. Mystery itself.

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Susan Wolfe Huppman
Abstract, Minimalism
Painting - Unframed
Oil, Canvas
60.00 inches wide
72.00 inches tall
2.00 inches deep
5.00 lbs
Reisterstown, MD, US